The company «Yurima Architects» was founded in 2008. The sphere of company's activity is the contemporary architectural projecting and designing of residential, commercial and social objects. Our work consists of finding rational, aesthetical and economically justified solution of the given task.

The goal of company's activity is creation of maximum friendly environment for people's living. Constant professional development and knowledge multiplied by experience and technological innovations are the basis for achievement of our aim. We are striving for harmonious unity among a man, architecture and nature, where the main place belongs to the man, his feelings, thoughts and ideas.

The starting point of every project is the concept which is based on the analysis and discussion of assigned tasks. Beginning our work we take into consideration all cultural, ecological and economical aspects. Grounded conceptual solution serves as precedent for a qualitatively new level of design. The next step is implementation of the idea in the aesthetically completed image and its careful processing. Great attention to details reduces time and material expenses intensively on the stage of realization of the project.

We are the team of professionals who are fond of their work. We stick to the integral approach to designing, involving the leading cooperating specialists into the process. The team work is built on the interaction of participants in generally organized structure of working process. Such approach gives a chance to achieve the optimal result on all stages of designing and building. A customer is our partner from the very beginning, that's why our work is based on open discussion and mutual respect. We are working on general result!